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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50 at Harvey Station N.B. may be one of the youngest Lodges on the register of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick, yet its craftsman are wise in the ancient lore of the Craft. When they entertain, they entertain royally and in some unusual manner.
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W.Bro. John Little receiving the Quinn medallion.
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Worshipful Master 2020
W.Bro. A. Carson Rehn
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I would like to leave you with an observation that I hope and trust you will hold in your mind throughout the new year and beyond. It is this: the world needs freemasonry, perhaps most particularly now. It is the case that any sensible man who takes a moment to reflect on our current cultural situation will find much cause for concern.

Indeed, our political system is becoming more polarized with the left and right viewing each other as mortal enemies to be eliminated rather than as neighbours and collogues to be valued. Our economy has become more precarious with artificial intelligence poised to replace many knowledge workers, regionalism on the rise, and international trade wars looming. Polls now show that more people than ever before have lost faith in our great institutions of education, law, media, government and religion. Culturally we are beginning to see a resurgence of identitarianism where we are increasingly being asked and encouraged to notice each other based upon our innate characteristics be they sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etcetera rather than on the contents of our character.

My brothers, these social trends whether a mere blip on the radar or indicative of something more serious call upon all Freemasons to remember, and to remember well the charge put to them in the first degree: That, As an individual, you are charged to practice the domestic and public virtues. Let temperance chasten, fortitude support, prudence direct you and justice be the guide of all your actions. These four cardinal virtues, together with the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, are the bedrock upon which a Mason is instructed to build his moral and masonic character. With these virtues as a guide a Mason will never hesitate to reach out to political opponents with neighbourly and brotherly love; he will never neglect those suffering at the hands of misfortune; a mason will always seek to be stewards of just institutions and to trust in the revelation of the GAOTU; and, perhaps most importantly, a Mason will always be charitable. That is, he will always assume the best in people and will ever be slow to cast judgement; for Masonic charity means a universal love for all mankind not just a love for those with whom we happen to agree.

Now, there is always a risk that when a lodge becomes busy in dealing with the worthwhile daily tasks of its businesses like fundraisers, dinners, building repairs, and so on that it will loose sight of what it is we have come here to do. This year, my brothers, let us continue to reflect on what it means to be that is, to act as a Mason. For the great institution of Freemasonry has long understood and, indeed, is founded upon the very idea that what a community needs most is the presence and conduct of good men, every bit as much for the example they provide as for the labours that they furnish. In such times as these, brethren, let us keep steadfast to our masonic principles that we may, as Freemasons, continue to be a light that others will follow.
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