D.D.G.M's visit 2006

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

District Deputy Grand Master District #6
Right Worshipful Brother Larry E. Brown
District 6 Church Parade, May 28, 2006
    It was a fabulous day for the District 6 Church parade hosted by Hiram Lodge #6. 34 Brethren from six Lodges gathered at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Fredericton for the Sunday morning service with Rev. Douglas Gordon as the Minister. We received a warm welcome from the Minister and congregation. There was however a slight mistake in the spelling of the bulletin: I was named Right Worshipable instead of Right Worshipful. Overall a good turnout of brethren, and the service was liked by all.
2nd degree at Young's Camp
August 12th, 2006
    What better place to put a fellow-craft degree then at Scott Young's camp. The officers of Grand Lake Lodge #42 with W.Bro. Alan Bishop filling for the presiding Master Ron Steeves exemplified the 2nd degree in ritualistic form. Of course you can't go the camp without having a good piece of steak, compliments to the cooks! To witness the degree we had the D.G.M. R.W.Bro. Bill Boone, and the Grand Historian R.W.Bro. Bud Gillrie. I will leave you with a few pictures.
December 14, 2006
 The seats were filled Thursday night to witness the third degree put on by an appointed degree team. I made my official visit as well.
    W.M. Trent MacLean and regular officers have conferred three degrees on 3 candidates in the spring. He decided to get as many of the past masters and brethren who like to take part in one or all degrees that were conferred in the fall. This was an excellent idea as it brought out to Lodge 12 more members who may had stayed home.
    The reason I posted this meeting is to the fact that not very often you have a Charter Member taking part after 57 years. Bro. Basil Messer was the J.D. (88 years of age)
Front row from L. to R.: W.Bro. Gary Williams (father of one candidate) (J.W), Bro. Basil Messer (the last living charter member) (J.D), W.Bro. George Fletcher (Chaplain). R.W.Bro. Vernon Lister (W.M.), Bro. Laurie Messer (D.of C.), Bro. Errol McCullough (S.W.), Back row: Bro. Bob Duncan (I.G.), W.Bro. DeWitt Lister (I.P.M.), W.Bro. Wayne Fox (Tyler), Bro. Steven Watson (S.D.), Bro. William Sweet (Treas.). Not shown are Bro. Thomas Lister (S.S.), Bro. Willard MacKay (S.S.), R.W.Bro. Larry Brown (Sec.), and the three who assisted in the second part W.Bro. Keith Burgess, W.Bro. Keith Moffitt and W.Bro. Wayne Williams.
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