Curling 2002

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

March 1962- with the opening of the Harvey Curling club in 1962. Cherry Mountain Lodge organized its first Masonic Curling Bonspiel an April 12th 1962. Rt.Wor.Bro. James A. Murray donated a trophy on which would be engraved the names of the winners. The first winners of this trophy was a rink skipped by Wor.Bro. Leslie of Alexandria Lodge. This curling bonspiel is now the oldest Masonic Bonspiel in this Grand jurisdiction, having been held annually, with two exceptions, from 1962 to 2012 a total of 50 years.
Despite the bad weather, Cherry Mountain Lodge had their 41st annual Curling Bonspiel on Saturday March 16, 2002. 6 teams turnout for a day of fellowship, between games the brethren were playing crib, shooting pool or chasing the Ace.
       Coffee and donuts was served to the brethren as they arrived at 8:30, Bro. Maynard Stewart made sure everybody was looked after, cleaning the tables, washing the dishes etc...
       The brethren enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup at lunch time. For the first time we had a pork chop supper, made a couple of barbeques from a 45 gal drum cut in half, few bags of charcoal and we was ready to cook.
       First place winners were: Wayne Fox, Blair Watson, Geore Fletcher and Steven Watson. There was one outside team from St. George, Charlie Rayfuse team. Charlie Bruce traveled from Nasonworth to be on Trent MacLean's team.
    The W.M. Wor.Bro. Keith Moffitt commented that the day was a hugh success, good day had by all.
March 16, 2002
First place winners: from L to R, Blair Watson, Steven Watson, George Fletcher and Wayne Fox
Second place winners
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