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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

October 22, 2005

It was a fine day for our 2 annual Chicken barbeque. About 90 people came to enjoy a mouth-watering chicken supper. They received half of chicken, baked potato, glazed carrots, coleslaw , roll and lots of desserts to choose from.
    R.W.Bro. Whittaker was in charge this year and was one of the hardest workers, along with Wayne Fox, Trent MacLean, Larry Brown, Richard Corey, Andrew Corey and Charles Watson. Other workers were Peter Wood, Keith Moffitt, Laurie Messer, Ian Little, Orlie MacLean and more that I can't remember.
    Bro. Basil Messer plus Joel MacDonald & wife was in attendance from Fredericton.
A fine day had by all. As I was busy with the supper, I only have a few pictures taken at the end of the supper.
Our new barbeque donated by Mark Corey. As you can see it cooks on its own, it is called the Lazy Man's Barbeque.
Peter & Orlie busy cleaning up the tables
Of course you have to have a cleanup crew in the kitchen, Ian Little, Andrew Corey, Keith Moffit in the red shirt and Laurie Messer way over in the back.
We have replaced the above barbeque with another one we bought at Zellers.

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