Peter Whittaker's Dinner

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

On May 25th of 2013, it may have been wet outdoors but Masons and wives were present in the banquet hall to show their appreciation towards Peter for all the hard work and dedication he has contributed to the Grand Lode of New Brunswick over the past six years. I can't tell you in words how much the members of this Lodge are proud to have a Grand Master from our Lodge.

Thanks to W.Bro. Peter Wood for being the M.C. who conducted and paced the entire program with expertise. The W.M. Derek Bradford presented Peter with a portrait with his G.M. regalia., and roses for Carol for all those nights while Peter being on the road all hours of the night.

Many thanks to the cooks, R.W.Bros.Fox, Brown and W.Bro. Burgess. Other major workers and organizers were: W.Bros.Derek Bradford, Thomas Lister, John Little, Charles Watson, Bros. Ian Little, Allan Johnson, Randford Gass, Donald Clowater and Geoff Hutchin.

Entertainment for the evening was organized by W.Bro. Thomas Lister who had W.Bro Alan Hawkins, Jordan Brown and the Men of Music performed for the guest.

 I will leave you with some pictures,
D.G.M.Townes related a message from the G.M. M.W.Bro. Steven Allen. and spoked of the accomplishments that Peter had made over the past 25 years. told a few stories of the trips that were made in the past 6 years.
Peter acknowledged and thanked everybody for this day. He enjoys what his does for Freemasonry and just can't wait to the steer the Mason mover (Van) on the road to a Lodge somewhere in North America.
BRAVO to Peter for an outstanding Grand Master.
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