Open Air Lodge

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

Cherry Mountain Lodge held their first Outdoor Lodge on June 19th 1954 on Wildwood Island in Magaguadavic Lake. This island was owned by Wor.Bro. J. Elwood McLean, and this was the first such function held in this province.
    Cherry Mountain Lodge hosted the function with approval of Grand Lodge, under chairman Wor.Bro. J. Elwood McLean and his committee of Rt.Wor.Bro. James A. Murray, Wor.Bro. A. Ray Manzer, Bros. Herbert Swan, Ersel Corey, and Bro. C. Arthur Smith. Wor.Bro. J. Amos Essensa was the Worshipful Master. District Lodges invited to attend were Alexandria, Ashlar, Grand Lake, Hiram and Sunbury. Members from these Lodges attended as well as visiting brethren from St. Stephen and the Eastern United States.
     Bros. Darrell Murray and Robert Graham received their third degree. A meal was provided, covered by a registration fee of $3.00 per member. Transportation to the island by boat was organized by the committee.
    A second outdoor Lodge was held on September 7th 1957 at the same Island with the a program similar to the first event described above, with participation of the other Lodges, Alexandria #33, Sunbury #42, Ashlar #36, Woodstock #11, Mananook #38, plus members of Lebanon #16 Maine and Hollywood #209 Florida. Rt.Wor.Bro. Allison G. Knowlton was the Worshipful Master. Bro. John Dorcas received his third degree along with two brethren - Burnett and Lindsay from other district Lodges, around 30 brethren in attendance The profit from this event was used to reduce the mortgage on the building. A shed owned by Mr. Finnie burned that day and cars parked near the building were burned.
    On September 9th 2006 on Spruce Island which a portion is leased by R.W.Bro. Peter Whittaker. W.M. Trent MacLean was in the east, along with the regular officers of Cherry Mountain Lodge. Most Worshipful The Grand Master Wayne McKay plus members from Hiram #6, Alexandria #33, Sunbury #42, Granite #54 and Sussex #7 were in attendance. Bros. Daniel Lister, Randford Gass, Ryan Nestoruk and Dayton Coburn received their M.M. degree. Transportation were provided by W.Bros. Allister Coburn, Keith Moffitt and Bro. Randford Gass. 48 brethren in total enjoyed this outdoor event, and nothing got burnt this year. I would like to mention that Bro. Basil Messer and W.Bro. Ken Tracy who were present at this event was also present at the last event 49 years ago, and according to the register Ken was the D. of C. We couldn't ask for a better day, and I found another purpose for the Trowel, its works great for turning over hamburgers on the grill. Everybody enjoyed the barbeque and fellowship after.

Open Air Lodge 2016

Open Air Lodge June 25, 2016 was organized by the W.M. Robert Lister along with the officers plus Bro. Dayton Coburn who provided the island to hold this event which turned out to be a fabulous day. Visiting brethren came from all over to share this day while we conferred the third degree on Bros.Michael Wilcox, Aldor Durelle and Jamie Chase. Transportation was proved by Bro. Dayton Coburn and R.W.Bro. George Fletcher, other Masons W.Bros. Danny Harris, Keith Moffitt and Brian & Garth Dingee came in their boats. Lunch and water was provided on the island plus everybody were invited back at the Lodge for a barbeque and social hour after.
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