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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

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Widows night 2002

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Grand Master's Visit & Widows Night/October 10, 2002 It was a grand evening as the W.M. welcome the Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother R. Wayne Hitchcock and Grand Lodge Officers. W.Bro. Moffitt outline his year on how active the Lodge have been to the Grand Master of which he replied "This might be his favorite Lodge".
    Before the evening lingered to long, it has been the custom to have Widows of departed brethren from this Lodge be invited every two years to be recognized that they are not forgotten.
    18 Widows accompany with relatives & friends were welcomed by the W.M. who gave the opening remarks. The Grand Master then addressed the ladies on the importance why they are remembered. He explained the formation of a Lodge & Grand Lodge, the duties of the officers etc. I'm sure the ladies & guests had a better concept of Masonry after listening to the Grand Master.
    We have lost 8 Brethren since the year 2000, two out of the 18 ladies present were to received their certificate and pin. Grand Master presented those pins to Marian Hoyt (Bro. Ivan Hoyt) & Margaret Wood (Bro. George Wood).
    Six Widows who were not able to be there were: Marjorie Bell, Phillis Briggs, Dorothy Clarke, Perle Lister, Roberta Mersereau and Evelyn Swan.
Other Widows present were: Margaret Brown, Betty Corey, Jennie Fletcher, Avis Harris, Myrtle Little, Ella Olson, Ruth Robison, Alice Swan, Athena Watson and Gertie Weeks.
Marian Hoyt and the Grand Master
Margaret Wood and the Grand Master
There was another presentation made by the W.M. At least once a year W.Bro. Trent MacLean Captain of the T.M.C.S. Minnow takes some of the brethren for a cruise on the Little Canterbury Lake. The W.M. was on that boating this summer. The day went well until they were docking, Low & Behold the Master fell over board, it was a good thing Keith was a good swimmer.
So tonight the W.M. presented W.Bro. Trent MacLean with this gift to be used in future ages.

    Following the presentations Bro. Alan Hawkins entertained the group playing some good old tunes on the keyboard.
    After, everyone gathered down in the banquet room for a great lunch. Special thanks to Bro. Wayne Fox
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