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F. & A.M.

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History of Cherry Mountain Lodge #50 F. & A.M.
1948 - 2018
Credits of this page goes to W.Bro. DeWitt Lister who brought forward a historical summary of the formation and activities by the request of Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Peter L. Wood in 1998, to commemorate our 50th anniversary.
1998 to the present time, I have continue to update information as they happened, and has copied this complete History into a PDF format, and is available electronically.
R.W.Bro. Larry E. Brown.
    This historical summary of the formation and activities of Cherry Mountain Lodge #50 F. & A.M. has been prepared on request of Worshipful Master, Wor.Bro. Peter L. Wood to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this Lodge.
    Every effort has been made to document events leading up to the formation of the Lodge, as well as to identify all pertinent and unusual events over the fifty year life of the Lodge. However, in reviewing fifty years of minutes, it is possible and even quite probable, that individual names may have been missed and important facts not recorded.
    Hopefully, any such errors or omissions will be brought to our attention as the record can be set straight.
    The writer acknowledges all assistance given, with particular thanks to Bro. Basel Messer, a charter member and officer, for his written comments which are included in this document. Also talks with Rt.Wor.Bro. Allison G. Knowlton and Wor.Bro. Maurice Lister have been most helpful.
    It is hoped that this history will be of some use to the Lodge and provide information as a reference in the future.
Wor.Bro. DeWitt Lister

    Cherry Mountain Lodge #50 , at Harvey Station, N.B. may be one of the youngest Lodges on the Register of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick, yet its Craftsman are wise in the ancient lore of the Craft. When they entertain, they entertain royally and in some unusual manner.
    Saturday, September 7th, was no exception when they welcomed visiting Brethren at Wildwood Lodge, a few short miles from Harvey. The unusual feature is that Wildwood is on an island in Maguagadavic Lake with a lodge-room that is a thing of beauty.
    Planned and created by the Greatest Architects it was contained with-in a stand of towering birch–pillars not made by hand of man! The carpet was old–just golden sand of by–gone days when the world was young – colored with the greens of creeping moss and the brown of a fallen leaf. Its covering was the Canopy or Heaven–blue, with a scattering of white clouds drifting to the music of the wind in the tree tops. A symphony as old as time itself!
    Its furnishing were scanty but possessing the beauty of a simplicity that harked back to the Beginnings of the Craft and created an atmosphere of age-old mystery, half-remembered and half-understood.
    A shaft of sunlight slanted down through the trees illumination the altar! A gavel rapped and the murmur of voices stilled, fading into a reverential hush as the old, old ceremonies vegan. In quiet dignity, the Master arose, and the Outdoor Lodge of Cherry Mountain #50 was opened in Due Form.
    The Lodge was organized by the D. Of C. Wor.Bro. Kenneth Tracey, from Past Masters of District #6. Wor.Bro. Wilson Wylie, P.D.D.G.M. set the Craft to work, assisted by Wor.Bros. William Lingley and John Morrison as Senior and Junior Wardens. V.Wor. Rev. George M. Young, P.G.C. was Chaplain, with Wor.Bro. A.G. Brundage, Treasurer, and Wor.Bro. James Murray, Secretary.
    The work of the Senior Deacon, Wor.Bro. Les Brewer, was outstanding during the conferring of the Third Degree on three candidates and the floor-work of Bro. Gerald O’Donnell, Junior deacon, with that of the Stewards, Bros. Ed. Hamilton and H. Stairs, added to the ceremony.
    The Lectures were given by Past Masters from Alexandria Lodge and made a deep impression, not only on the candidates, but on the whole assembly as well. The Charge, by Wor. Bro. Wylie, was very effective and taken from the work of the Craft of many years ago.
   Bro. Franklin Piercy was inside the Door and the Tyling was by Bro. James Robinson. The island proper was Tyled by Bro. James Maxwell.
    V.Wor.Bro. Murray Speight, D.D.G.M. was in the East and brought fraternal greetings from the M.Wor. Grand Master Donald A. Somerville. Other distinguished visitors were V.Wor. A. C. Thompson, P.G.S.W. of the Grand Lodge of Maine. Masters, Past Masters, and Brethren were registered from the North, East, South and West.
    Albion #1, Hiram #6, Sussex #7, Woodstock #11, Saint George #12, Alexandria #33, Ashlar #36, Mananook #38, Sunbury #42, Cherry Mountain #50, Labanon #116, Grand Lodge of Maine, Hollywood #209, Grand Lodge of Florida.
    The closing labor of the Outdoor Lodge was the work of the serving Brethren at the salad supper, served with the well-known Harvey Hospitality.
    The Worshipful Master, Allison Knowlton, the Officers and Brethren of Cherry Mountain are to be congratulated on organizing this Outdoor Lodge and are hereby charge to see that it becomes an annual event. Unique in its working, it unites the Craft in a deeper felling of Brotherhood through a closer approach to our early origins.
    Under the Canopy of Heaven we are very conscious of the Wisdom of the Great Architect from whence comes our Strength and the Beauty of the sign of Fidelity takes on a deeper meaning.
...........So mote it be!
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