Year 2016

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

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Worshipful Master
W.Bro. Robert P. Lister
Bro Raymond Mersereau being presented with his 60th medallion and pin by G.M. Most Worshipful Master the Grand Master Clyde Townes and W.M. W.Bro. Robert Lister.
P.G.M. Peter Whittaker labeled Coach for bringing golf teams down to District #1 Golf Tournament held in Hampton every year. W.Bro. Bill Blatchford presented Peter and other golfers the trophy with the lowest score 2015 with having all Masons on the team. From L to R. W.Bro. John Little, R.W.Bro. Wayne Fox, W.Bro. Robert Lister, H.J.G.W. R.W.Bro. George Fletcher and P.G.M. M.W.Bro. Peter Whittaker.
Open Air Lodge June 25, 2016 was organized by the W.M. Robert Lister along with the officers plus Bro. Dayton Coburn who provided the island to hold this event which turned out to be a fabulous day. Visiting brethren came from all over to share this day while we conferred the third degree on Bros.Michael Wilcox, Aldor Durelle and Jamie Chase. Transportation was proved by Bro. Dayton Coburn and R.W.Bro. George Fletcher, other Masons W.Bros. Danny Harris, Keith Moffitt and Brian & Garth Dingee came in their boats. Lunch and water was provided on the island plus everybody were invited back at the Lodge for a barbeque and social hour after.
Open Air Lodge 2016
W.Bro. Milton MacLean receiving his 60 medallion
25 year recipients:
Bro. Laurie Messer, W.Bro. Peter Wood, W.Bro. William Lester, and Bro. LeRoy Swan. Not present Bro. Errol McCullough..
September 8, 2016 W.Bro. Milton MacLean was presented with his 60 year pin and medallion by his brothers Wayne doing the presentation. Milton has been involved with Cherry Mountain ever since he affiliated in 1971, served on several committees, worked on many activities, events etc... through out the years.

Picture on right from left to right: W.Bro. Trent Maclean (uncle), W.Bro. Paul MacLean (brother), Bro. Orlie MacLean (brother), W.Bro. Milton MacLean (recipient), W.Bro. Wayne MacLean (brother) and Bro. Nicholas MacDonald (son in law of Orlie)
Cherry Mountain was able to bring home the Golf trophy from District 1 Golf tournament held at Hampton Golf Course.
New Master Masons for the year 2016: From L. to R. W.M. Robert Lister, Aldor Durelle, Brent Wilcox and Jamie Chase.
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