Year 2017

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Cherry Mountain Lodge #50

F. & A.M.

2 B 1 ASK 1

Worshipful Master
W.Bro. Dayton T. Coburn
Presentation of 50 year certificates and medallions to Bro. Heinrich Jungesblut and Bro. Harold Swan by W.M. Dayton Coburn and D.D.G.M. Gale Rae.
Presentation of 50 year certificate and medallion to W.Bro. Wayne Williams by the W.M. Dayton Coburn.
Bros. Jeffrey Sloan and Desire Doucette receiving their M.M.aprons and Certificates. These brethren received their degrees in 2017 but were exam on February 08, 2018, the reason I.P.M. and & presiding W.M. are in the photo.
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